Holy fuck I just got another 3080 for msrp

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#1 oink fuck
Fucking nerd.

This guy at work destroyed a $27,000 computer that had dual xeon platinums and 750 gijjee bits of ram and a p5000 quadro.

Scott Baculum

The worlds last true conformist
Remember when HP hired a lady CEO and she tanked the company trying to make computers that fit inside a vagina?


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emp recipe
1. cut the cord off a toaster or lamp and seperate the leads
2. fill an oil pan with salt watter
3. get some party balloons
4. blow the ballons up and rub them on your hair until you are charged with static electricity
5. plug the cord into a wall outlet
6. remove your clothing including your diaper and stand in the oil pan
7. put the exposed leads of the cord into your body through your anus