OFFICIAL NFL THREAD - playoffs lol (RIP John Madden)

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They should draft Stetson Bennet and live the dream of playing like shit the first 3 quarters and then dropping dimes in the 4th, or playing well enough the first 3 and then going to complete shit. You'll never know which you'll get, but you're deffo getting one


So the Raiders Bengals game has me through a loop.... Will Raiders cover +5???

Patriots +4 (gonna have to take +3.5 so it doesn't push)
Eagles +8.5 are locks for me

Niners +3 I like, but Niners +2.5 is a bit scarier. Still cannot allow a push.........

I think Chiefs cover -12.5, Steelers stink, but thats a big spread and anything could happen.

My instinct is telling me Rams -3.5, but like.... I dunno, I am just getting a FEELING that Cardinals +3.5 is the bet


Woah! Barstool does it again with a badass promo...

I seriously have no idea what any of this means
A parlay is when you are betting for multiple outcomes to all happen (if one fails the whole bet loses).

I have to pick an against the spread bet for each game, and parlay them together, and if the bet wins, I get my $577.67 CASH + $1000 in sportsbook bonus (free money)


I want to throw a big bet on Eagles against the spread, but im hesitant.... I honestly think they win outright, but it would make a Eagles loss even more heartbreaking if I also lost a bunch of money lol


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ya they are kinda the same way, where they will put up 40 one week and then get blown out the next week

Still, feels like they have their guys, and they are at home... I dunno, i just don't get how the raiders are still hanging around after all the nonsense they went through this season