thursday roundup: scotus shoots down vax mandate, baghdad embassy under attack by iran, markets crater, biden fails


With you and the coronstallations
These are popular cups at Bill Millers ie the worst BBQ in South Texas. The cups used to be shorter and rounder, like the people, but they made them slimmer to fit in cupholders
they hold 34 oz of sweet tea. it has 70g of sugar


El Darsend

yo tengo chicle en cerebro
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I drink a lot of seltzer water. I bought one of those Israeli terrorist Sodastreams but it seems like I can just buy Polar Seltzer cheaper. I use this wine tote the wife brought back, it holds six of them. They cost like 87 cents a pop. I bought another tote because I drink like 2 a day and it's a pain in the ass to get to the store when the snow is halfway to the power lines and I have to wear golf shoes so I don't break my hip on the ice.

I have a new bathroom on the second floor but with my bum leg I sometimes just piss off the porch, and listen to the otters sing in the deep of the north Maine woods.

My favorite flavors are as follows: Mandarin, Georgia Peach, Pomegranate and Black Cherry. I am going to kill myself.