{TRANS-TV} New Idea for a Jewish Rupaul type


ok so Rupaul is like a thing, but white people need a white rupaul to reprsent them. They tried with Caitlyn Jenner but she just doesn't have good enough jokes... Then I thought of something! A Jewish Jenner Rupaul hybrid.

I came up with the perfect one also!

Gaydolph Transler. He is like a jewish trans hitler or something. This is intriguing to a wide array of markets. Jews, Trans, Gays, Nazis, all brought together by this exciting and hilarious trans comic/host or whatever. Hes gay and trans, and his pronouns are He/Him/Heil

josh hommes faggot son

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i would say digital hitler (bitler) is a digital currency designed to convey "hit points" across the blockchain

something someting agartha NFTs


when in rome
i dont understand this stuff but women universally love it. My mom hates gays but still watches shit like this